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We welcome any person with a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and love for their community to join us at the MFD. Volunteering in the fire service allows you to learn new practical skills, expand your knowledge of fire science and building construction, play a critical role in maintaining public safety, and enjoy lots of camaraderie! 

Interested in joining us? Anyone is welcome to attend our bi-monthly meetings or trainings as a guest. Contact Chief David Shaw (802) 989-3456 for more details.


Ready to apply? Please ensure you meet the prerequisites for membership (listed below) and then fill out an application.

Middlebury College Students


Middlebury College students are not eligible to direct-apply to the department via this site. Please contact our fire department faculty and student liaisons if you're interested in applying to become a firefighter with the MFD while enrolled at Middlebury College (contact information listed below). Following a rigorous application and interview process, a select group of Middlebury College students have the honor of serving the department and the community as firefighters during their time at the college. The MFD expects the same dedication from students as it does from other town residents who choose to serve, but will work with you to manage your commitments. No previous firefighting or emergency medical experience is required.

Student Liaisons: Eli DiBari and August Stauffer

emails: and

Faculty Liaison: Jeff Carpenter



Becoming an MFD Firefighter


Ensure you meet the prerequisites for application

In order to apply to the MFD, you must:​

  • Reside in Middlebury, VT

  • Be at least 18 years of age (we welcome cadets 16 years of age or older)

  • Be physically and mentally fit

You do NOT need:

  • Any prior EMT or fire experience

Think you're a good candidate for the fire service? Apply to the MFD now! We accept new applications year-round.


Probationary Period and Firefighter 1 Class

Once accepted, new members can expect to undergo a 1 year probationary period with the MFD. Before becoming full members, all probationary Middlebury firefighters should complete a Firefighter 1 (FF1) course. This certification, provided by the Vermont Fire Academy, consists of ~200 hours of classroom and hands-on training that generally runs from September to May. FF1 certification is designed to provide trainees with all of the basic knowledge they need about operations and methods on a fire department


Life as a Full Member

Members are required to attend bi-monthly trainings and department meetings, unless explicitly excused. In addition, members must retain relevant certifications and meet minimum yearly training hour requirements. All MFD volunteer firefighters enjoy benefits from membership such as compensation for call attendance, access to the station gym and lounge, regular social events, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, NVFC membership, and complimentary yearly physicals.

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