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Our Members

Our team of firefighters is committed to fulfilling their duties in keeping Middlebury safe. Each member of our department plays an invaluable role in protecting and serving the community each and every day. Learn more about us below, and please reach out if you have any questions.

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Meet The Department

Technical Rescue Members

Paul Garrow
Halcyon Brown
Josh Dishaw
Shawn Frost
Donnie Mason
Dylan Montagu
Donald Patterson
Cale Wisher
Conrad Kang
AJ Rossbach

Life Members

Larry Provost
Willard Patterson
Josh Newton
Robert Grant
Paul Many
Joe Dragon
Tim Combs
David Broughton


Honorary Members

Mark Bouvier
Ryan Emilio
Tom Estey
Ben Masterson
Ben Shaw
Matthew Stone

Battell Hose Company Board Members

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