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The Middlebury Fire Department is made up of 35 members committed to serving their community.


We are volunteers trained to respond effectively and safely to incidents in the pursuit of protecting life, property, and the environment. We do this with a professional attitude underscored by extensive training, careful maintenance of our equipment, and respect for our fellow residents, especially in their times of crises. This respect extends to our fellow firefighters, upon whom our lives can depend. We value and draw strength from the diversity of our membership and the variety of skills and experiences that each member brings to their work. The Middlebury Fire Department is supported by the generosity of the residents, businesses, and property owners of Middlebury. In return, we deliver protection, day and night, worthy of a big city yet reflective of the small community in which we live.



Please join us for the East Middlebury 67th annual ham supper. More details to follow.


Tuesday, May 7th, 2024.

Do you live in Middlebury and want to help your community? Join the Middlebury Fire Department!

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